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Tinashe Mangudhla

Chief Financial Officer

Tinashe Mangudhla, your new Chief Operating Officer at Suzhou Lamount Renewable Energy. he hold a Bachelor of Business Administration from Valley View University, Ghana, and a Master of Applied Economics from Jiangsu University, further supplementing his expertise in the realm of sustainable business.

At Suzhou Lamount Renewable Energy, he focus on leveraging his economics background to maintain operational efficiency, drive innovation, and ensure the delivery of high-quality, sustainable solutions. His research experience in agriculture, finance, regional development, and sustainable development has honed his problem-solving abilities, helping him identify and act upon unique opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Beyond his professional life, He is an outdoor enthusiast, a passion that harmonizes perfectly with his commitment to renewable energy.

"Feel free to connect with me for any queries or ideas related to renewable energy. I'm excited to embark on this green journey with you all!"


Tinashe Mangudhla

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