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Joel Sam

Co- Founder & Director of Structural Design

Joel Sam, Director for Structural Design and Research at Suzhou Lamount Renewable Energy Company. he has many ways of experience in renewable energy starting from his time as an undergraduate student with his thesis focusing on biogas energy. He hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana and a Master of Engineering degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering from Yangtze University.

Over the years, ha has improved his entrepreneurial skills through internships and work in start-ups, experienced companies and university laboratories. In addition, He also practiced during the summer vacation.

Through these roles, he learnt more about becoming a self-motivated, ambitious and responsible person and gained experience in conducting research, on-site management and project management, proving that he has the ability to achieve and surpass the goals set by the team.

This also helps him to become an excellent communicator at all levels, like to meet challenges and solve problems, and always maintain a good sense of humour under pressure. He is also a good organiser with the ability to gather people with all kinds of expertise to form a strong team to create global solutions.

"I believe that with me and my team's enthusiasm for renewable energy, our new technologies will definitely be improved and take over the current BIPV market. With the right strategy, personnel and support, we can make great achievements"

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