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Grace Adwoa Sidsaya

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Grace Adwoa Sidsaya is the founder and chief executive officer of Suzhou Lamount New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. With her solid background in Civil Engineering, Renewable energy sources, smart buildings BIPV systems, and being an esteemed researcher and Patent holder she brings high technical and managerial skills to the team.

She is a recognized Youth Economic Advisor of the Beijing Asian-African Chamber of Commerce. She received her bachelor's degree in civil engineering and architecture from Three Gorges University in Hubei Province, China. With over 3 years of experience in International Trade, start-up creation, talent training and management, she envisions to bring Lamount unto the global stage.

Comment from Grace " I hope every one all across the world will get to experience the power and impact of Renewable or New Energy, while we Lamount endeavour to make it's usage simple, modern and technologically intergrated". With the strong technical and sales team we have built and keep building, it's our desire that our clients enjoy the fullness of using tailor-made Energy solutions backed with AI and IoT's , manufactured with intentionality and delivered with love and intergrity."

Thank you!

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